About Us

CWB2022 TRADERS – we are Africa’s No. 1 Crypto currency Analyst. So we teach you the best way to get money in Cryptocurrency.

  • Our Mission is to show people, how to benefit from the digital skills economy, by learning Crypto-currency trading which is a high income skill.                                                                                   
  • We will show you how to earn passive income from Crypto-currency on a consistent basis, Daily,weekly and monthly from your smartphone or laptop.                                                                                   
  • We will achieve this through our highly accurate signals generated by some of the best Technical analysts in the world, and our comprehensive Crypto-currency trading course which will teach you how to generate the trade signals your self.                                                                              
  • Since 2009 when BITCOIN was created by satoshi Nakamoto,paving the way for more than 2,000 different crypto-currencies,crypto-currency has helped millions of people get financial education and as a result achieving financial freedom.                                                                                   
  •   Our goal is to help 1 million people globally achieve financial freedom on or before 2022.All you need to be part of this is a smartphone or laptop to be part of this.